Making the most of the long weekend

Posted by IBIS | June 5, 2017

Labor Day falling on a Monday means the much anticipated long weekend and my ideal is to get out of the city!

A small group of us decided to head to Finch Hattons in Tsavo West – this is honestly the true ‘Out Of Africa’ experience mixed with modern twists such as the pool area and chandeliers made from glass coke bottles in the dining area. The service cannot be faulted and food was excellent. The ‘camp’ underwent a full renovation a few years ago and apart from the familiar faces of the staff and the same exceptional service, this property has been completely transformed.

The ‘tents’ are huge with all details carefully thought out down to the fully stocked mini bar including complimentary snacks. Extra beds were provided for the kids, though there is also the option of the 2 bedroom suites and well as an impressive Presidential Suite. You have the option of indoor shower though do not know why one would use that when there is a double outdoor shower option also – showering under the stars why would you miss that? If the shower options aren’t enough there is also a free standing bath tub.

We chose to use the weekend to fully relax – some enjoyed relaxing at the room taking photos of the array of birds, others after breakfast relaxed by the pool or in the case of the kids, lived in the pool! The spa and wellness center includes a sauna, yoga room and an additional pool. We opted out of morning game drives but really enjoyed our afternoon / evening ones.

To be honest, people don’t talk of the game viewing in Tsavo as much as some of the other parks – you hear of the elephants but you immediately think of Mara etc. for the cats! This trip made me think differently…..our first game drive had been great, different plains game, some elephant, a giraffe about to give birth! Then, heading back to the camp it was already dark so with the torches we were enjoying a night game drive where you typically see the hares and smaller animals…. until we saw a leopard! He was stunning! We followed him until we lost him in the bushes.

Continuing on the drive, all feeling so lucky, suddenly on the side of the path, lying staring at us was another Leopard!

2 Leopard on a night game drive in separate sightings is amazing. To top that off on the drive out of the park we were waved off by a family of cheetah!

Finch Hattons is truly an amazing experience and truly reflects what 5* hospitality encompasses.

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